30 Cats Losing Their Brain When They Enjoy A Catnip

Catnip is magical dust that can turn domestic cats into wild cats, it really messes with their brain so much and intoxicates them to the point where they either act super wild or they just fall dead asleep and stay calm. This is the most adorable thing you will ever see a cat do, they look and act so cute when they are high on catnip. It is so amusing to look at. I am telling you our cats do not stop providing us with entertainment, they manage to make every little situation funny just like that.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

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“Just My Cat Enjoying Some Catnip In The Sun. He Was Seriously Sleeping Like This.”

“Catnip + Cat Pole: Awkward Family Situation (Mother And Son).”

“So I Put Some Catnip In Our Food Dehydrator And Came To Find This.”

Cat napping in catnip.

Her expression is so strangely hilarious.

“Our Cat Gets High On Catnip, Then Sits On The Couch And Watches Family Guy For Hours. I Walked In On Her Like This.”

“My Cat Felix, High Off His Ass On Catnip.”

“Look Who Found The Catnip While I Was Out.”

“Kitteh’s 1st time on the nip.”

This is how you know the catnip kicked in.

Catnip makes cats do so many cute things!

Fresh catnip straight out of the plant pot.

The owner got some free catnip and woke up to find her cat like this.

“Friends Little Buddy After Catnip Spilled On The Floor.”

“Genovese And Her Spring Catnip.”

“All I Did Was Shake The Bag Of Catnip.”

This cat is clearly obsessed with the catnip stick.

“My Cat Is Either Really Happy… Or Really High On Catnip.”

“Cat Tree Came With Catnip. He Found The Catnip First.”

“Spaghetti’s First Catnip Experience.”

The owners forgot they are growing a catnip plant and found their cat like this. So funny, just look at his face.

“Here’s My Cat Refusing To Let Go Of Her Catnip Bottle.”

“While We Were Out, My Cat Wesley Found The Catnip Bag, Ripped It Open, And This Is What We Returned To.”

“Every Time I Get Catnip.”

“Chewy Found Where The Catnip Was Being Grown. This Is Him Sitting In The Planter High As Heck.”

“Meet Bynx: She Can’t Handle Her Catnip.”

“I Introduced My Cat To Catnip Today.”

“Woke Up To This Disaster This Morning And Now The Cat Is High As Shit. I Ain’t Even Mad.”

“My Sister Decided To Give Her Cat Some Catnip.”

This cat found the catnip stash.

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