30 Dogs Who Made Wrong Choices And In Odd Places

Those who own a dog or are familiar with them would know they are very excited little creatures. Dogs absolutely love adventure and the whole concept of “think twice” just doesn’t apply to them. They just want fun and joy. A life every person on this planet wants. Look at these dogs achieving our dreams. Proper champs!

‘Life choices’ is such an amazing and deep topic. One could talk about it for ages and new information would keep popping up, but we are going to keep it very simple and restricted to the dogs here. See often humans make life choices based on the consequences they will face after a certain choice is implemented or a certain decision is taken. Yes, we do take irrational or impulse decisions but the probability of that happening is very low because we have this ability to realize consequences. Who doesn’t have this ability? Our very own doggos. Their thought process is only limited to a decision and no thought is given to what could possibly happen after the decision is taken. Here the probability of impulse decisions is actually very high. Usually, a doggo bases its decision on perceives outcomes. And by the outcome, I mean fun and fun only. That “fun” sometimes get them in real trouble. And the outcome then becomes fun, for us viewers.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

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A kitty once told me hammocks are really fun to chill at.

Perhaps Mr. Sherlock Holmes right here spotted a treat.

Regrets! Regrets! Regrets!

Umm Dad? I have fixed the light. Now can I get some help?

A cute Shiba Inu struck in the bushes.

When you take “fetch” a little too seriously!.

Bloody hammocks!

This dog had a vision. To beat the world record at 200m obstacle course.

The diving part was fun but I think I just stepped on someone’s poop.

I thought I was Tarzan. Not anymore!

Here’s a dog who you can’t see because it’s stuck in the sofa covers.

Anything would work when you feel cold. Even the sleeves of your Mommy’s sweater.

When bucket list goals go wrong.

I am just going to sit here until someone sees me and saves me from this natural disaster.

The Roomba did this to me.

*Excited for his first slide* *All sorts of regrets ensue midway*

Look, Dad! I got you a new chair to sit on. You just need to get me out of it first.

Nothing to look at here. Just another dog making terrible choices.

I got this…I got this…Oh no!…too big…too big…*pop*

Mistakes were made that day.

A very adventurous soul entered this dog. But only for a few seconds.

This dog thought this is the right way to get upstairs.

Regretting all life choices in 3…2…1

Now that you’re done laughing on my ass, can I get some help?

Caught red-handed…or pawwed in this case.

I was just trying to have a good time, you know!

Excitement = Mistakes!

Let me try and see how coffee tastes like if I drink it like Daddy!

Instant regret but too late to let Mum know.

A secret meet-up gone wrong.



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