32 Wholesome Pics Of Service Puppies In First Days Of Work

If you’ve never had a dog, you have been missing out on a lot in life. Dogs are super playful and affectionate, that part is evident and almost everyone knows it. However, they are also really intelligent. When you keep dogs as pets, you try to teach them little tricks like sit, stand, roll over etc. and they learn them quite quickly! This shows how fast their brains work and the capacity it holds. However, their intelligence doesn’t just end there. Dogs can be used to assist humans as well! They are capable of learning and being trained enough to actually participate with humans in real-life jobs. You have probably seen dogs at crime scenes, or at places where they are sniffing to detect things. They have been trained to do that. But this training needs to start at an early age, so by the time they grow up, they are fully capable of helping their human friends.

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The new Sheriff in town.

“Met This Puppy Being Trained To Be A Service Dog At Work Today. He Had A Tough First Day”

Can someone play some James Bond music in the background?

So cute. They shouldn’t be this cute.

“Puppy Joining Finish Police”

“Meet Xxcalliber! Few Months Old Military Working Dog Pup”

Little Zuma has a lot to learn.

This is Scoob. He is an 11-week-old police pup.

“This Little Guy Is Training To Become A Service Dog And His Class Had A Field Trip At Turkey Hill Ice Cream Factory”

It will take time for Snoopy to grow into his vest.

He has eyebrows.

Tuco is a very cheerful dog.

“Guide Dog Puppy With His Teddy Bear”

Comfort dogs need comfort too sometimes.

Look at those little paws!

Wearing their first vests!

It would take everything in me not to pet this baby.

“This Is The New Puppy At Training Today. We Don’t Think The Bullet Proof Vest Fits… Just Yet”

“Two Service Dogs In Training. Work Is Hard”

He is a Dog-Puppy

“My Local PD Just Got A New Puppy Who Is So Ready To Be Done With Pictures And Just Take A Nap”

This is mine.

“Local Sheriff’s Office’s Newest Recruit”

He is so small he fits in one palm!

Jack in his service dog vest.

“One Day, I’ll Be A Big Police Dog”

Are they teaching him how to drive?

“Police K-9 Puppy’s First Day Of Work”

Mo on his first day with Greater Manchester Police

They put cones around him so no one would disturb his sleep.

“He thinks he’s people.”

“I Bet He Will Be Chewing On A Bad Guys Arm In No Time”

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