33 Perfect Pictures Taken At The Right Moment

If you’re lucky enough, you don’t necessarily need the right skills but just waiting for the perfect time to take the picture would be enough. You just have to be good enough to judge the timing of a picture at the moment and it can do wonders! For some, it may take them years to get the “perfect” shot while others might get lucky and their spontaneous picture taken at the right time can get internet famous within hours!

Here we have compiled a list of pictures that were captured at the perfect moment! Some of them are hilarious coincidences but the rest are just taken from the ‘right’ perspective. You may witness a moment very briefly but cannot capture it forever with your eyes, this is where a camera becomes useful. It will capture the perfect shot with clarity even if it was for a split second

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

Cr :  Reddit.com


As they say, one man’s joy is another man’s sorrow…


Well, that’s kind of scary

Nice ponytail, little guy!

Not sure what was happening here exactly…

That definitely looks like an eye…

Smelly business.

The odd one out!


Those priceless expressions!


The two sides of life in one frame!

Someone wanted to walk on water.

Shadow – the ultimate adhesive!

When the foolproof plan backfires!

Kitty love!

Fish-faced human?

Children and their fun.

The calm before the storm.


A doggo-dragon!?

Isn’t the hat too small for him?

What a realistic ad!

Hmm, something’s different today!

He also likes to dance sometimes.

That’s…a long dog!?

The uncanny parrot eye

Ms. Doggo wanted to go fishing today.

A water hat?

Is this a new breed in horses?

No one messes with me here.

Some things never change!

Butterfly eyes!

The perfect shot doesn’t exist…

It’s about to get real…

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