30 Funny Monkeys Don’t Behaving Like Monkeys

Why are monkeys so funny? Maybe because they do as they see? Or, perhaps, because they love to monkey around? Well, no matter the why’s, watching these primates is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! So, considering that not all of us have the chance to watch adorable monkeys playing in the wilderness or observe them in a zoo – we’ve gathered a list full of hilariously funny photos depicting the clowns of the animal kingdom, primates.

We all know primates to be incredibly smart – they adapt to environmental challenges by using tools, show emotions, and some of them can even communicate with humans by using sign language. But, being so similar in behavior to us, humans, not only makes them bright but also funny. Isn’t it just hilarious to see a cute monkey peeling a banana with its legs, doing miscalculated stunts on branches, or so human-naturedly caring for their young ones? If you’re still unconvinced of the hilarity by only reading about it, do not hesitate and check the photos illustrating these thoughts. From goofy baby monkeys to giant gorillas, they all prove the point of being natural-born jesters.

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Orangutans Befriend Otters That Often Swim Through Their Enclosure At The Zoo Forming ‘A Very Special Bond’

This Gorilla Looks Like He Wants Pictures Of Spiderman On His Desk By Noon

Trying To Introduce People To Something New

Selfie Time

Gorilla Sitting On A Small Chair

Snug Fit

Modeling Monkey

Self-Aware Monkey

Baby Chimp Cuddles With A Plush Monkey After Being Rejected By His Mother, Finds A New Family

Photobomb Monkey

Selfie Of A Monkey And A Man

On The Internet No One Knows You’re A Monkey. No One

Look At The Sass On This Girl! Hesty Wanted Snacks Now

Posing Monkey

Once They Learn To Read It’s Over

Trying To Take A Picture With The Monkey


Got Home, And Found A Monkey In The Kitchen

Captain’s Log – Day 43: They Still Haven’t Noticed We Aren’t One Of Them. They Are Starting To Include Us In Family Portraits. Their Secrets Will Be Known Soon

Golden Lion Tamarin Showing Tongue

John Oliver Hangs Out With A Friend

Nala Monkey Thinks I’m Her Boyfriend

Monkeying Around

This Monkey Looks Like Every Journalist And Real Journalists Confirm

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Hakuna Matata

Cute Baby Monkey From Skopje Zoo Gets Treated Like A Child

Took A Photo Of A Monkey At The Bronx Zoo. It Struck A Glamour Pose For Me

Tug Of War

Happy Valentine’s Day

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