30 Cutest Wild Animals in the World

Take a break from the puppy pictures and kitten videos for today’s daily dose of cuteness. Though there is certainly no shortage of baby animal pictures and adorable animal photos out there for you to peruse, how about some of the cutest animals in the world? Some of these animals you may have seen before, but whether you’re familiar with them or not, we can guarantee you’ll be falling in love with all these little cuties

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Sand cat, North Africa and Southwest Asia

Siberian flying squirrel, North Asia and Europe

Pika, Asia and North America

Fennec fox, North Africa

Japanese raccoon dog, Asia

Chevrotain, Southeast Asia and West Africa

Harris’s antelope squirrel, United States and Mexico

Serval, Africa

Axolotl, Mexico

Quoll, Australia and New Guinea

Tamandua, South America

Jerboas, Northern Africa and Asia

Arctic foxes, Arctic Circle

Klipspringer, Southern Africa

Bilby, Australia

Japanese weasel, Japan

Pygmy hippopotamus, West Africa

Red panda, Eastern Himalayas

Dik-dik, Africa

Margay, Central and South America

Capybara, South America

Slow loris, Southeast Asia

Patagonian mara, Argentina and Patagonia

Numbat, Western Australia

Tarsier, Southeast Asia

Malayan flying lemur, Southeast Asia

Wombats, Australia

Siberian chipmunk, Asia

Dugong, Indian and Western Pacific Oceans



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