K9 Officer Poses In Full Uniform For His Official Portrait

World, meet Chico — a K9 officer with Florida’s Orange County sheriff’s office.

While on the job, Chico usually goes  naturel. But when the opportunity strikes, he sure cleans up real nice.

Evidently, it was picture-taking time the other day at the office where Chico works — a chance to snap photos of staffers in their more formal attire. Chico was not only included in the process, he showed everyone else how it’s done.

For his official portrait, Chico went all out.

“He even wore a tie for the photo,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

He nailed it.

“Chico is a German shepherd. He’s 5 and a half. He’s been with the OCSO for about 4.5 years. He is a patrol dog and also a drug K9. He lives with his handler and his family,” a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told The Dodo, adding: “He loves tug-o-war and Kongs.”

For as effortlessly as he’s able to pull off a formal look, Chico’s quite capable at casual, too.



They really are a true part of any police department… all they’re missing is the uniform. But on picture day, one spiffy K9 suited up with an official uniform of his own.

Chico is a five-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd who is part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. According to The Dodo, he serves as a patrol dog and a drug K9.

Pax has earned awards for his narcotic-seeking ability. At the Lodi Police Department K-9 Trial Competition, he placed second in the Building Narcotics Searches challenge and fourth in the Overall Narcotics category.

Training, working or relaxing at home, the human handlers are very attached to their companions.


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