Woman Takes A Wild Baby Boar Into Her Family After Finds It In A Box

You never know what fate will bring to your doorstep. It might bring a box, but inside you won’t find a thing you expected from Amazon, but a wild baby boar. Yes, you read this correctly— a wild baby boar. This actually happened to Dora Ngai, a Chinese vlogger who lives in Sri Lanka with her boyfriend of 4 years and 4 lovely dogs. It happened on September 3rd, 2020, when lockdowns gripped the world. At the time, Dora was boarded up in her house, bored out of her mind, when a wild boar wound up near her house in a box. Dora’s gardener found the box and brought it to her. And the rest is history which will be recounted by none other than Dora Ngai, who pleasantly told it al

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Meet Dora Ngai, a Chinese vlogger in Sri Lanka, and Yezhu, the wild boar

The gardener found Yezhu in a box. At the time, she was just a few hours old

Yezhu was separated from her mom. Sadly, wild baby boars have a low chance of surviving without them

Despite the high chance of mortality, Dora was determined to keep Yezhu alive

They took care of her like their own baby

Yezhu (pronounced ye-ju) means wild boar in Chinese

She survived the toughest part, and was ready to get introduced to four dogs

Benjamin and Ginger immediately accepted Yezhu

Biubiu, the Labrador, was hesitant at first, but soon enough, they found a connection

They started eating, sleeping, and playing together, and now they’re best buds





Boars don’t have good eyesight, but it’s even worse for Yezhu as she’s blind in one eye, so she can’t survive in the wild

Dora and her boyfriend built a house in the garden with a little pool for her

She’s a happy little boar, Yezhu’s never bored

And Dora Ngai is happy with Yezhu, too

Months passed, and Yezhu’s growing up to be a big boar

She’s as big as the lab, maybe even bigger by now

Yezhu has a new family now, and things are looking up

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