Cats That Forgot To Put Their Tongue Back In And Had The Derpiest Faces

To pet owners, their pets are the cutest, smartest and most perfect little creatures they’ve ever seen. They can’t stop taking photos and videos of every single minuscule thing their furry friends do and then they have to show it to others. Even if that thing is not so special or entertaining to anyone except the owner.

But there are universal things pets do that steal everyone’s hearts. Like a dog tilting its head or a rabbit eating a carrot that it holds in its hands. Or a cat blepping. Actually, people are so fascinated with cats blepping that a whole subreddit exists that is dedicated solely to pictures of cats sticking their tongues out.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

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Tiny Blep From A Tiny Lady

Big Surprised Blep!

A Blep Of Epic Proportions!

Smol Blep

She Blepped At Me After Biting Me

Smeet Smeagol. He Is A Majestic Blep Floof And I Hope Everyone Enjoys Him

Baby’s First Blep (Six Days Old)

Went To A Cat Café Today And This Fella Blep All The Time

Sweet Old Lady Named Patches, Giving A Blep

A Month Ago Chewie Was Living In An Abandoned Hospital Parking Lot, Now He’s The Blep King Of The House

Teva’s Bleps Usually Have Some Attitude

Content Blep! Was Told By Others That This Deserves To Be On This Sub, So Here Is Maryjane With Her Towel

Chutney Doesn’t Blep Much But When He Does It’s Great

Tiny Blep From 9 Week Old Raffa

She Held This Blep For Like 5 Minutes

My New Kitten’s Napping Blep

Blep If You’re Cute And You Know It

Found This Blep Going Through Old Pics Tonight. Magic, Gone But Not Forgotten

I Pspsps’d A Cat On My Way To School And It Turned To Me With A Blep

I Spent A Solid 5 Minutes Laughing At His Blep Today

Blep From A Funny Angle

Such A Pretty, Yet Annoyed Blep

Dǝlq Uʍop-Ǝpᴉsd∩

Probably The Best Blep Portrait I Will Ever Take

A Crab Juice Induced Blep From Potat.

15 Years Of Bleps With This Dude

A Teeny-Tiny Blep In Dreamland

Foster Sophie-Anne’s Catnip Blep

Sassy Blep

This Cat In A Michigan Zoo Managed To Blep For A While

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