“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?” People Sharing Their Dogs Acting Bizarre

Every time I land in a corner of the internet where no one’s arguing, fighting or calling each other names, I savor it. And the subreddit “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?” is as pure as they can get.

Like we showed in our first publication on this online community, it’s a place where people post pictures of their pets “malfunctioning”. I mean, sure, some of them clearly haven’t gone through the “Sit” manual and others might need to update their urge control drivers but no error makes these derps anything less than a good boy or a good girl.

Continue scrolling and tell me you’re not feeling calmer with each image. I dare you.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

Cr : Reddit.com


The Sad Face He Gives Me When He Can’t Sit In My Lap While I Drive

This Feeling

She Always Goes Like This When I Take Out The Nail Clipper

He’s Clearly Unhappy With His New Outfit

The Shelter Said She Was Shy And Wouldn’t Want To Be Around Us Much… But This Is What I Wake Up To Every Day

They’ve Shared A Crate For Years So I Sold My Second Crate Long Ago. They Recently Started Refusing To Share The Crate So I Bought A New Crate Two Days Ago And Here We Are Today

Wakes Me At 5am For Her Walk. This Is The Walk

Tick Tock Clarice…

How My Dogs Prefer To Nap…

This Is Lor’s Hole He’s Been Working On For Years, Think He’s Finally Got It Perfect

Double Jointed

I Heard A Noise In The Pantry. This Fool Was In There Eating A Bag Of Raw Flour And Is Now Shocked That His Mouth Is Full Of Dough, And He Looks Like He Just Spent The Night Out On A Cocaine Bender

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

He Heard The Treat Bag Open

This Is The Ridiculous Face Pepper Makes After Getting Peanut Butter

This Little Lady Wasn’t Even Ours.. She Jumped Into Our Boat From Another. She Got Trevor To Rub Her Belly And Me To Give Up My Captain’s Hat In Under A Minute. Who Doesn’t Love Dogs?!?

I Don’t Know Why, But He Always Sits Like This

Giant Splooter

So This Is Albert…

U Can’t See Me. Im Grass

Tried Crate Training But She Kicked The Floor Out And Turtled Her Way Around

This Is How She Sits

Another One Bites The Fluff

Meet Ozzy. He’s… Different


He Ate A Spicy Sky Raisin

Scorpion Dog

Came Home From Work And Found Our Labrador Had Grown Another Head On Her Butt

She Saw Her Friend And All Her Training Went Out The Window

My Dad’s Childhood Dog, Nasty

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