30 Times Captured Alpacas Being Adorable

Who’s this ever-chillaxed, funky-haired, fluffy cloud of loveliness? Why it’s the alpaca, of course! Since its domestication around 6000 years ago, this adorable camelid has been stealing our hearts with its gentle temperament, sweet face, and soft-as-clouds fleece. Unlike its bigger sister llama, alpacas have never been bred as working animals due to their diminutive stature but used exclusively for their wool.

If you need a dose of heart-achingly cute animals, scroll down below and check out the adorable photos that we’ve found! And if cute alpacas just aren’t enough on their own, you’ll find some interesting alpaca facts to read in between the photos dedicated to these clouds of love.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

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One Of The Alpacas On My School Farm Gave Birth Yesterday. Nugget The Chicken Is Her Godmother

This Alpaca Stole My Girl

Baby Alpaca With His Best Friend

Four Alpacas And Their Cat

Her Name Is Simona

The Sweet Face Of A Baby Alpaca

You Matter

Here’s A Photo Of Two Extremely Photogenic Alpacas To (Hopefully) Brighten Up Your Day

Just Two Alpacas Smiling For A Photo

3 Alpacas About To Drop The Hottest Album Of 2020

First Day In Cusco, Peru And I Met An Alpaca

Meet My Friend’s 1 Day Old Alpaca Named Antonio

A Lovely Alpaca Smile

Alpaca Under A Rainbow

UPS Driver With Newborn Alpaca

Nice To Meet You

Have You Ever Seen A Baby Alpaca So Proud Of Himself For Being Born?

I Found This Derpy Alpaca Close To Where I Live, He Looks So Happy

Baby Alpaca

I Met A Baby Alpaca Today And Got Photobombed By A Proud Mama

This Derpy Alpaca At The Petting Zoo

Most Alpacas I Met Yesterday Were Camera Shy, But This One Was Ready To Be A Model

My 5 Month Old Cria Wearing A Very Fashionable Pine Cone

After Almost A Year, My Alpaca Finally Had Her Baby

Alpaca Loaf

Just An Alpaca Hanging Out In My Office Today

This Happy Baby Alpaca I Met

My Aunt Has An Alpaca Farm And This Is One Of Her Newest Additions

This Is What Happens When I Sit In The Field With The Alpacas

Today We Met This Happy Alpaca

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