30 Adorable Animals Who Have Brothers From Other Mothers

Finding two animals who resemble each other isn’t that hard. After all, a lot of white bunnies look like other white bunnies and a lot of black horses look like other black horses. So let’s up the ante. Instead, how about we focus on “twin” animals that aren’t even from the same species?

I searched the internet far and wide and I’m glad to say that we managed to put together a wholesome list of animal siblings from other mothers. From horses with their mini dog versions to nearly identical cats and guinea pigs, here’s proof that reflections are everywhere throughout nature! Enjoy.

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Cr : Raccooncore Facebook page


Her New Kitten Is Odd, But She Still Loves Her


Brother From Another Mother

“Don’t Take Him. He’s A Part Of Me”

Just A Newfoundland Taking His Pony For A Walk

There’s A Spy Among Us

These Two Little Cows Look So Similar You Could Almost Mistake Them For Twins

Partners In Crime And Their Matching Coats

My Friend’s Two Husky Mixes, With Their Color-Coordinated Kitten Look-Alikes. The Aww Factor Is Off The Charts

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

What Kind Of Pupper Is This?

Big Brother And Meow

Matching Brother And Sister

Kitty Found The Best And Most Comfortable Spot To Camouflage

Brother From Another Mother

Very Cute Twins

Same But Different

My Twins. I Don’t Think They Know They’re Adopted

Cat And Guinea Pig Chillin’ At Home

Black-And-White Kitten, Dutch Rabbit, Guinea Pigs And Border Collie Puppy – All From The Same Mother Apparently

Best Buds Almost Falling Off The Bed For Rubs And Kisses

Twin Seals Separated At Birth

Found His Brother

Brother From Another Mother

Brothers From Another Mother

There Is One Spy Here

Gingers Unite

Who Knew A Cat And Guinea Pig Could Look So Alike

I Didn’t Realize How Well They Matched Each Other Before Now

When The Kitten And Puppy Are A Matching Set



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