39 Dramatic Cats. They deserve an Oscar.

The biggest drama queens in the history of animals. From being irresistibly adorable with their wide-open eyes to their resting judgemental faces or “I don’t care” expressions, these balls of fur are very expressive of their emotions. Not only are they expressive but they are overly dramatic as well. They put on a show with their appearance and constantly crave attention. A lot of attention. Naturally, they desire to be the centre of their human’s world. They enjoy obedience (Humans obeying cats). There is no vice versa. No doubt they do become the centre of a cat owner’s world, after all, who can ignore such attention-drawing actions.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

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Oh! He’s got a gig this Saturday night. Just rehearsing.

This cat has surely seen The Final Destination.

Hey that’s my favorite Ice Cream!!

Just dropped something but too lazy to get it.

Cat version: Mission Impossible.

No one summons me while I nap!!

Cat has stopped working. Error 404: Not Found.

Get back here and let me love you!.

This one found out he’s being filmed

This one’s a lead in the next ninja assassin movie.


Think quick! Before they give you a bath… Aha! Let’s execute plan ‘B’

This one just got rescued.

Peacefully taking a stroll in the neighborhood and suddenly running into an old “friend.”

Hooman! Dry me!!!

This cat is taking a dramatic fall off the couch.

It will take a few minutes for his consciousness to return from an interrupted nap.

He’s hired as the new Kapellmeister at the Sydney Opera House.

Must stretch harder!

This one’s been working out.


Heard Mom say “bath time!”

Hey, neighbors! Let me in!!

Oh, heyYYYYYY!!

This one judges you for no reason as you enjoy your meal.

This one’s practicing for his movie debut as a convict in the court room.

When you’re high on catnip and things start levitating around the house.

Yes, yes. I agree with the road trip. Only if I can sit in the passenger seat.” // “I never should’ve trusted you.

Looks like the owner got them their favorite treat.

Hooman, please?

Ah, pathetic! Visible Disgust

You said I was your only child!

Wait a miniute! He’s staying with us!? Like forever!!???

Heard footsteps and woke up “Hooman, am I a joke to you?!”

I see, you’ve arrived. Good…now FEED ME!

You ignored her once upon a time…

You are being watched…

Baby Up Up!

All hail The Majestic Queen! Hooman, Give me all your attention.

Looks like someone forgot their cat outside in the rain. Now, the Catto is plotting revenge.

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