29 Pics Of Chonkiest Cats Are The Cutest.

I mean have you ever looked at a fat kitty and not loved their little paws wobbling about? They look too adorable to exist. However, I am not at all saying that it is healthy for a cat to be this fat even though they look cute enough to eat. That is where Manggo comes in. She has unsurprisingly gone viral. Why did she go viral do you ask? Well, you will soon learn the reason as you gaze upon her hilarious expressions.

Scroll on below. Take a look and Enjoys

Cr :  Reddit.com


She is looking a bit angry here.

More treats please.

How do I get up?

This is what we call a purebread cat.

 She is not happy with the scratches.

Do I look cute?

 Look at the contentment on her face

Now we have two chunky cats.

Okay, this is truly adorable.

When you need to stretch.

Be careful or no eyes would be left.

Look at how happy she is!

She is not happy with what she sees in the mirror.

The Queen is here.

Why is this not a real shrimp?

What is that?

Why are you looking at me like that?

That is the expression every cat gets when you scratch under their chin.

Don’t look at her!

The anger is strong in this one.

She is never gonna let go of her favourite toy.

She is ready to hunt.

The sleepy baby looks adorable.

 Is that a litter box?

Let me take care of you.

What is she plotting, I wonder?

All of the toys are mine.

Is that her couch

 Last but not least, the happy

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