27 Dogs Tried To Be A Good Boys But It Didn’t Work

We love our doggos unconditionally. It doesn’t matter if they’re making a mess, or if they’ve killed a man. We’re going to defend them until our last breath. Dogs are precious and pure and they have to be protected at all costs. Even with all their imperfections, dogs are perfect for us. Their flawed nature makes us love them even more. They try their best to keep us happy and it is the effort that we need to appreciate. They are doing their best and that’s what matters the most.

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I got a dog to guard the house but then…

I’m going to repeat the question: What do you have in your mouth?3

You need to water it.

Old habits die hard.

The sign said “Angry dogs.”

I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.

I decided to check to see if my dog had any guard dog skills. I asked my friend to approach him. And my friend sent me this photo. It seems my dog has failed the test.

Disapproving doggo.

He has just locked me out of my car.

The most ferocious beast I have ever seen.”

He stole his sister’s ball then sat on her head.

I hope he is at least a little bit ashamed of what he’s done.

Beware of floofer.

Merry Christmas, mom!

Sometimes it is better to just avoid situations.

Maybe if I lick the door, it will dissolve.

I’m just trying to protect you!

Polite doggo.

He’s literally mocking you.

He’s a baby too!

The face!

Drama queen.

He’s got some skills.

Silly doggo!

Imagine being greeted by your dog like that.

Not even remotely sorry.

Evil genius!

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