35 Dogs Are Making Sure You Are Never Bored

Cuteness is a middle word for dogs. There’s nothing that dogs can do that will make us angry for long because their cuteness takes over greatly. Whenever someone thinks of having a pet, the instant thought that comes to someone’s mind is to adopt a dog. Dogs fill your house with so much warmth, you forget about anything bad that’s going in your home. They’re the most loyal animals who will stick by your side when you are low. They will cheer you up when you’re at your lowest and make sure you don’t feel sad around them. They instantly notice your mood and give their all to you. Their cheerful and joyful nature is something everyone needs too.

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When they just fall asleep in your arms

How are you so tiny?!?

Make the sun go away, hooman.



“The best window decoration”

His mood lightened up after being thrown a surprise birthday party!

This little guy did great at the vet today. He has four lumps but we found out they are benign. Going on 9 years old. Love him to pieces!”

In the end, you have to push away the differences and learn to co-exist.

Furry little boy!

Mom, can I sleep with you in your bed tonight? I get nightmares when I sleep alone.

I would rather sleep on the roof of my bed than inside.

Vogue cover model!

Awww, twins!

Nothing going on here, just a dog playing with his stuffed panda toy.

The fur looks so smooth!

Dude, can you not have the camera in my face while I am trying to sleep?

Your regular beer holder!

The face your dog makes when it needs more treats!

It’s summertime, Mom. Let me have fun in the pool!

Dogs day out.

I am the coolest dog among all!

Awww, what gloomy kiddo!

Oooo, bubbles!

No matter how cold it is, I would still sit on the bench! The snow compliments my fur.

Take my picture while I pose, human!

Oh wow, why does this yellow thing smell so nice?

Selfie for Instagram!

Tell me I look pretty with this orange flower on my head!

Beautiful white bangs!

Sleeping beauty!

How is this little pooch of so many different colors?

Cuddled between the legs of her favorite human!

He does not know how to play hide and seek properly. The concept of transparency of the glass is lost on him!

He sleeps better under the warmth of the sun!

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